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27th July 2016 Target Achieved Profit Generated On 40 Lots In ICICIBANK Trade Is Rs. 50,540.00.

[ Live Contract Notes , Ledger Balance Information , Live Trading Platform Trading Snapshots , MTM published below ]

ICICIBANK Trade Execution Summary

We received information from our source funds at 12:52:20 I.S.T to Buy ICICIBANK instantly at market price on the basis of this information We Bought 40 Lots of ICICIBANK in our trading accounts at 269.90 at 12:52:20 I.S.T and after 39 minutes of holding we covered our position in ICICIBANK at 270.50 at 13:31:44 I.S.T. So the profit of Rs. 50,540.00 was generated in 39 minutes on 40 lots trading of ICICIBANK.

ICICIBANK Trade Description

Entry Message

Time 12:52:Buy ICICIBANK at market price (269.90), grasp as soon as possible as Buying of Rs 180.50 Cr is going to come in next 45 minutes. Price will see a fast movement after 5 min and the protection level is (269.30).

Tracking Update

Time 13:20: ICICIBANK is currently at 270.20 keep holding as more Buying has to come right now.

Profit Booking Message

Time 13:31: Book Full Profit in ICICIBANK at market price right now (270.50).


40 Lots of ICICIBANK Bought at 269.90 and Sold at 270.50 ( Watch Trade Execution at Live Terminal Snap )

MTM : Rs 60000.00 ( Watch MTM AT Live Terminal Snap)

Brokerage Charged : 2699.00 + 2705.00 = 5404.00 ( From Contract Note)

Service Taxes : 810.60

STT Charges : 2705.00

Other Charges : 540.40

Net Calculation : 60000.00 – 5404.00 – 810.60 – 2705.00 – 540.40 = 50,540.00 ( From Contract Notes)

Money Invested in ICICIBANK = 20 Lakh

Net Profit = Rs.50,540.00

Return On Investment = 0.02%

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